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 Palaces and Gardens of Rome Countryside

8-Hours Excursion from Rome
  In our opinion:
  This excursion is a good option if you would like to escape the crowded capital for those relaxing Renaissance gems surrounded by a beautiful Roman countryside
  In our customers' opinion:
  "I learnt about Caprarola palace and Villa Lente gardens when I studied architecture. It was great to visit them life" John Edelman, Vienna, Austria

Why Go
Perhaps not as well-known as those in Tuscany, the villas of Latium are often just as breathtaking, combining peace and quiet with architectural harmony. A one hour drive from Rome towards the inland lakes, will allow you to admire places where the Farnese family did not fail to show off their power outside of the eternal city.
As you stroll through the narrow streets of the Caprarola town (its inhabitants were mainly the servants of the palace) while approaching the faƧade of the actual palace, it is not difficult to feel insignificant.
The Caprarola palace was designed and decorated to not have a square inch without a stucco, a grotesque, or a fresco. Climb the famous Royal Staircase to reach the upper frescoed rooms: the main feature is in fact the "Sala del Mappamondo" depicting  map of the two hemispheres of the known world in late XVI century.

After a lunch break in a typical trattoria and a short drive, you will visit Villa Lante, built within ten years by the same architect of Villa Caprarola. Although both exalt the glory of  their owners, this one  does it in a different way. Its fame comes from its gardens filled with water features. The park is a fine example of giochi d'acqua, from cascades to fountains and dripping grottos. Refreshing, especially in the summer, it provides the visitor with verdant, clean and fresh world filled with unexpected vistas, perfect for your Kodak moments.

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