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 Catania, Siracuse and Barougue Noto

8-Hour Excursion
  In our opinion:
  Highlights of three Sicilian towns in one day
  In our customers' opinion:
  "An intense day to see the best of the best of Baroque architecture in Catania, Sirqacuse and Noto" Michael Burton, San Jose, USA

Why Go
Catania has learnt how to live with the volcano. Its presence is felt everywhere with hardened remains of past lava flows and volcanic ash down the streets
from most recent eruptions. We will walk down Via Etnea, the main avenue of the the Baroque City and visit the Duomo , Bellini Gardens and Bellini Opera House.

, a World Heritage Site, was the second Greek colony to have been founded in Sicily in the second half of the 8th century B.C. In its hey- day, Siracusa rivaled Athens in size, importance and prestige before falling to the Romans in 212 AD. Described by Cicero as ‘the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of all’, the city of Archimedes boasts one of the largest concentration of Greek ruins outside of Greece. Ortigia's historic centre bear witness to the troubled history of Sicily, from the Byzantines to the Bourbons, interspersed with the Arabs, the Normans, Hohenstaufen dynasty, the Aragons and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Noto knew Greek, Roman, Bizantine, Arab, Norman, Aragonese, but today it is famous for its Baroque architecture with its magnificent churches of uniform red limestone creating a stage set.

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